Valley Consulting Group


What is Valley Consulting Group?

Valley Consulting Group (VCG) is a UC Berkeley student-run, not-for-profit strategy consulting organization that has served leading Silicon Valley clients for six years. We provide strategic solutions to vital business and technical challenges for our clients. VCG is composed of personable, intelligent, and motivated UC Berkeley undergraduates looking to make an impact. Each project cycle, our teams take on a new slate of consulting engagements with leading companies in tech, entertainment, fashion and more. Some of our recent clients include Spotify, Nike, Snap, Reddit, Google, and LinkedIn.

We're Recruiting!

We’re recruiting new members for the Spring 2024 semester! Learn more about our organization by coffee chatting* us using the Calendly links below, and check out our recruitment schedule and application on the Join Us page!

*Please limit yourself to one coffee chat. Underrepresented applicants, historically including BIPOC (particularly Black, Indigenous, and Latinx), low income, first generation, Cal EOP/RRC members, undocumented, nonbinary, and LGBTQ students, are encouraged to participate in URM Coffee Chats using the member cards with "URM Applicant Experiences" tags. Contact us if URM Coffee Chats are full!

Our Mission


What do we do?

VCG has the privilege of solving some of the most cutting edge challenges faced by industry-leading companies. Our teams undertake semester-long engagements that provide our clients with unique insights and actionable recommendations in management solutions, data analysis, go-to-market strategy, strategy and partnership ideation, product design, brand and growth marketing, user experience, privacy, infrastructure and many other areas.

“VCG is professional, committed, prepared and articulate. Their deliverables reflected strong teamwork. They were respectful of their client’s time by providing agendas, pre-read and always asked for feedback to ensure they were delivering on expectations. I appreciate their personal investment in their professional development which was evident in their deliverables and recommendations. We will leverage all of their work to make marked improvements in our business.”

— Julie Zunker, Chief of Staff, Business and Corporate Responsibility at Microsoft

“VCG far surpassed our expectations. We gave the team two very different questions to solve; one was clearly definable while the other was quite ambiguous. They did an excellent job of using the numerous resources available to them to tailor their answers to each question extremely well. We would absolutely recommend them to colleagues in the future.”

— Matt Wartenbe, Senior Launch Program Manager at LinkedIn

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Our Family


Why Should I Join?

There are a lot of great consulting clubs at UC Berkeley, and you should seek out one that fits you personally! VCG has been around for over six years and has cultivated a small and tight-knit social atmosphere focused on social belonging, hosted a practical, career-oriented development process tailored to help new members achieve professional goals, and fostered diverse consulting experiences with some of the hottest companies in Silicon Valley and beyond based on the preferences of our youngest consultants.

We'd love to get to know you personally, so make sure to reach out to us through recruitment events. We hope to transform your undergraduate experience through lifelong friendships, networking opportunities, personal mentorships, academic resources, and more!